Our goal is to sell your luxury items quickly while bringing the best value within the pre-owned luxury market. We offer our consignment services for handbags, jewelry, and accessories that are expected to sell for over $150+.

• Balenciaga
• Celine
• Chanel
• Chloe
• Christian Louboutin
• Dior
• Essentials
• Fendi
• FOG (Fear of God)
• Givenchy
• Goyard
• Gucci
• Hermes
• Louis Vuitton
• Prada
• Saint Laurent
• Supreme
• Valentino
• Yeezy

**Contact us for a list of jewelry designers**

• Handbags
• Luggages
• Small leather goods (wallets, pouches, coin purses, etc.)
• Travel goods
• Shoes
• Clothing
• Jewelry

In the event that your item falls under one of the designers that we accept but your items wwere still rejected, it could be due to one of the following reasons listed below:

• Your items may not be in a category that we accept such as Fragrances or Home Goods.
• The re-sale value of your items may prevent us from successfully selling your items. Factors such as excessive wear or damages, age, style, aesthetic, and even extremely large or small shoe sizes can impact the re-sale value of pre-owned items.
• Additionally, some brand new items with low original MSRP do not reach high enough re-sale prices that would allow us to successfully re-sell your items.
• Your items appear to be altered (such as re-coloring) which usually affects the re-sale value.
• You may have already sent identical items to us before, and our security policy only allows us to sell two identical items per customer.

We charge a low 15% commission fee compared to the standard 20-50% that most consignment stores charge.

Additional transaction fees including credit card fees and PayPal fees will be covered by us.

Sellers attest that all items being sold to us are authentic. If an item is found to be not authentic, we will return the item to the seller upon payment of an authentication and service fee of $75. 

Please note that the authentication fee covers shipping to and from our location as well as for services rendered while the item was in our facility.

Your item will be returned after the authentication fee has been paid. Once the payment has been made, your item will be shipped out, and you will be notified with an update and tracking number via email.

Please be advised that any unpaid balances will result in us holding your item. If you refuse to pay the fee, your item will be destroyed as we do NOT support the sale of replicas.

Once your item has been sold and if there are no issues with the order, your payment will be processed in the form of a check or it will be issued via PayPal.